Thursday, December 9, 2010

Exercises in class.


This logical mind-map about me was done by Yen Yin, my partner.


1. Love

You are as hot as a chilli pepper
That burns in my tongue with every bite
Each touch of yours heighten the sensation
Our love is like a chilli
No matter how spicy it may be,
I'll will always love you.


Life is short and brief like a candle.
In a blink of a second,
the fire will turn off.
Life is just like that.
It comes and go.
It will never stop and wait for you.
The beauty only lasts for minutes or even seconds.
So, appreciate what you're having now.

3.Mortar & Pestle

Mortar and Pestle are like men and women.
They won't be complete without each other.
Pestle represent man and mortar represents women.
Without the pestle, the mortar is useless.
Likewise, without the mortar, the pestle is functionless.
Therefore, we need two to be one.


We were given 20 words with numbers at the side.
And we were to select a random number that comes into our mind.
I choose 17, 82 and 39.
We were to create a sentence based on the two words.

Number: 1 - Flower, 7 - Tree

Number: 8 - Oil, 2 - Rock
Number: 3 - Ice, 9 - Rain

Mortar & Pestle
We were given a task to create an illogical uses of mortar & pestle.

1. It's a bell for food.
The mortar is the bell and the pestle is like a hammer to hit the mortar
therefore it creates sound.

2. It's use to grab food.
The mortar is like a bowl and the pestle is like a spoon.
Punch the pestle into the mortar filled with rice.
And there you have for what it's called sticky rice.

3. It can be used as a weapon.
The mortar as a shield and the pestle as a sword.

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